Fill test disk partitions with random noise to expose more bugs.
[dcpomatic.git] / test /
2022-06-21 Carl HetheringtonFill test disk partitions with random noise to expose...
2022-06-18 Carl HetheringtonAdd a test doing a more substantial copy.
2022-02-02 Carl HetheringtonFix another misunderstanding with macOS drive discovery. v2.16.0
2022-01-19 Carl HetheringtonAdjust how macOS drives are analysed and add a couple...
2021-12-06 Carl HetheringtonSet up {m,c,a}times on copied files (#2145).
2021-05-26 Carl HetheringtonRemove privilege escalation via seteuid() etc. on Linux.
2021-04-29 Carl HetheringtonC++11 tidying.
2020-12-03 Carl HetheringtonAdd basic unit test for the disk writer code.