description2.0 development branch of dcpomatic
ownerCarl Hetherington
last changeTue, 4 Oct 2022 22:51:48 +0000 (00:51 +0200)
31 hours ago Carl HetheringtonSupport drag and drop onto the content list (#1220). main v2.16.29
31 hours ago Carl HetheringtonAdd contains_assetmap()
32 hours ago Carl HetheringtonSupport drag-and-drop of DCPs onto the player (#1220).
32 hours ago Carl HetheringtonCleanup: remove old comment.
32 hours ago Carl HetheringtonAdd a Cancel button to the LanguageTagDialog.
32 hours ago Carl HetheringtonMake Enter confirm OK in the language tag dialog (...
32 hours ago Carl HetheringtonTidy up the layout of the TemplatesDialog a bit.
35 hours ago Carl HetheringtonSupporters update.
35 hours ago Carl HetheringtonFix wxWidgets assertion on opening the video filters...
4 days ago Carl HetheringtonCleanup: remove unnecessary if
4 days ago Carl HetheringtonCleanup: replace very short but long-lasting variable...
4 days ago Carl HetheringtonFix checking of frame channels vs stream channels.
6 days ago Carl HetheringtonRemove unused variable.
8 days ago Carl HetheringtonReplace directory with folder in some messages.
8 days ago Carl HetheringtonAdd basic KDM information to the player (#2225).
8 days ago Carl HetheringtonUse EnumIndexedVector in Image.
31 hours ago v2.16.29
33 hours ago v2.17.2
2 days ago v2.17.1
2 days ago v2.17.0
9 days ago v2.16.28
12 days ago v2.16.27
3 weeks ago v2.16.26
3 weeks ago v2.16.25
4 weeks ago v2.16.24
4 weeks ago v2.16.23
5 weeks ago v2.16.22
7 weeks ago v2.16.21
7 weeks ago v2.16.20
2 months ago v2.16.19
2 months ago v2.16.18
2 months ago v2.16.17
8 hours ago rec2020
31 hours ago main
33 hours ago v2.17.x
8 days ago 2298-search-dkdms
11 days ago minimal-wx-sample
12 days ago wtf
2 weeks ago 1602-sign-language
3 weeks ago 2324-kdm-cli
4 weeks ago fix-random-error
4 weeks ago 2319-config
4 weeks ago content-kind
5 weeks ago 1359-z-position
7 weeks ago video-range-bug
7 weeks ago 2226-add-video-waveform-to-player
2 months ago adjust-sizing
2 months ago export-rhs-glitch