description2.0 development branch of dcpomatic
ownerCarl Hetherington
last changeTue, 21 Jun 2022 16:55:16 +0000 (18:55 +0200)
3 days ago Carl HetheringtonRe-fix test references. Not sure what happened there. main v2.16.15
3 days ago Carl HetheringtonBump lwext4 for various bug fixes.
3 days ago Carl HetheringtonUse empty files where possible to speed things up a...
3 days ago Carl HetheringtonAdjust disk/partition sizes to trigger another bug.
3 days ago Carl Hetherington0 -> nullptr cleanup.
3 days ago Carl HetheringtonDo cleanup of a test more nicely.
3 days ago Carl HetheringtonStop using static initialisation so that dcpomatic...
3 days ago Carl HetheringtonCleanup: use constexpr.
3 days ago Carl HetheringtonFill test disk partitions with random noise to expose...
3 days ago Carl HetheringtonUse boost::random for make_random_file to make it repea...
4 days ago Carl HetheringtonSet up dcpomatic2_disk_writer capability on install.
4 days ago Carl HetheringtonFix test references for addition of new prores export...
4 days ago Carl HetheringtonFix test references for libdcp commit 6c5328f07362510a4...
4 days ago Carl HetheringtonRemove some debug output.
5 days ago Carl HetheringtonBump asdcplib for build fix.
6 days ago Carl HetheringtonAdd a test doing a more substantial copy.
3 days ago v2.16.15
12 days ago v2.16.14
4 weeks ago v2.16.13
4 weeks ago v2.16.12
6 weeks ago v2.16.11
7 weeks ago merged-to-main Merged up to here back to main
7 weeks ago v2.16.10
2 months ago v2.16.9
3 months ago v2.16.8
3 months ago v2.16.7
3 months ago v2.16.6
3 months ago v2.16.5
3 months ago v2.16.4
4 months ago v2.16.3
4 months ago v2.16.2
4 months ago v2.16.1
2 days ago 2275-sync
3 days ago batch-font-id-error
3 days ago main
4 days ago 2274-bad-disk-no-biscuit
12 days ago windows-dpi
12 days ago 2267-macfuse-weirdness
2 weeks ago 2261-black-subtitles
2 weeks ago 2264-system-font-files-take3
2 weeks ago 2259-preserve-export-settings
3 weeks ago 2264-system-font-files-take2
3 weeks ago 491-system-fonts
3 weeks ago 2264-system-font-files
4 weeks ago nvidia
4 weeks ago 2257-encrypted-butler
5 weeks ago 2253-3d-empty
5 weeks ago 1182-allow-interop-vf